Always looking to be innovative and offer exceptional service, we have decided to launch the Carrington Family Service. Incorporating advice and ideas that we currently make use of, the aim of the Carrington Family Service is to offer advice to different generations of the same family to ensure wealth flows efficiently between one generation and the next and that you are financially well organised.

For the older generation, it might be at times that inheritance tax is a difficult subject to talk about. Where we can assist in a neutral manner, is to ensure that all eventualities are discussed and well planned for. While for the younger generation ensuring that they receive timely advice to help them make more informed decisions when they first encounter the financial world, will be of benefit.

Our first event took place on the 16th July, hosted by Alistair and Carolyn, and was a huge success. It was aimed at young adults, offering them a fun, easy to understand introduction to the world of money, budgeting and their first pay cheque with the hope of preparing them for financial independence.

The feedback we received from the parents was fantastic…

 “They both thought the event was very useful. Overall a worthwhile event and both would be likely to come again to anything similar”

“The kids have spent the last hour telling us about student loans and P60’s…”

”It was fun and good for our kids to hear the news of saving from someone else rather than us!!”

If you are interested in finding out more about the Family Service or any of the other services we offer, please contact us on 020 7034 7037.

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