The State Pension you receive in the UK is based on the number of years you make, or have made, national insurance contributions.

To get the new full State Pension you need 35 qualifying years. Currently, it is possible to voluntarily plug any NI gaps you may have dating back to 2006. However, this comes to an end this year, whereafter you will be restricted to the previous 6 years only.

So, if you have any years between 2006 -2016 where your NI record is not full, and you need additional qualifying years that you will not otherwise accrue in the usual way through working between now and state pension age, it is possible to buy those credits for a limited time. The deadline was originally set at the 5th April 2023, however, due to high demand this has been extended until the 31st July 2023.

Once this deadline has passed you will be restricted to voluntarily topping up your NI gaps to the previous 6 tax years only.

With this in mind, we suggest that you check your NI record for gaps on the HMRC website, speak to their helpline and from there make an informed decision as to whether you need or want to fill those gaps before it’s too late.


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