Market Update

Since our last note to you in July, a number of things have changed that could affect the outlook for markets. Although we continue to believe in our views where we see the potential for positive returns in certain markets, such as equity markets,…

Investment Research: A Fund Manager Update

Since President Trump won the US election, there has been a lot of second guessing as to how his Presidency will play out. Much of his rhetoric has been about “making America great again” via a protectionist agenda which includes withdrawing…

Market Update - February 2014

I am writing this market note following the one which was issued in December 2013 as we have seen some very high volatility in markets generally as we passed through the first few weeks of the New Year. We read every day headlines about how…
Carrington Investment Approach

Investment Update - December 2013

It has been another interesting year for markets. Again we have seen markets rise for the first 4 months or so of the year, and then increase in volatility over the spring and summer. The period between April and October was flat, and the old…

Alistair Candlish joins Carrington Investments

Carrington Investments are delighted to welcome the arrival of Alistair Candlish to our company. Alistair comes with over 20 years' investment expertise and joins the investment management department headed by Eric Woodward. Carrington have…