Market Update: Coronavirus

It has been difficult to avoid seeing numerous headlines relating to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the subsequent market reaction which has seen sharp falls in World Stock Markets. The virus appeared to have been contained last week,…

Market Update

We held our quarterly investment committee this week and would like to share our conclusions with you. We signalled at the end of the summer that the risks were generally increasing in the markets, with local politics, geopolitics and the…

Market Update - October 2018

We thought it would be helpful to provide you with an update on the markets, given the falls over the past few days. The falls have not been triggered by bad news, but rather by positive data. The US economy has been particularly strong this…

Q2 Market Review

Welcome to our latest investment commentary covering the second quarter of 2018. We have generally seen lower levels of volatility and a recovery in the markets when compared with Q1, however, volatility levels remain elevated relative to recent…