The power of helping others

November 6, 2020

Whilst talking to clients over the last few months we became aware of just how many of them have been undertaking volunteer work in the community or taking part in challenges to raise money. Below you will read about five such clients and what they’ve been doing. We would like to stress that none of these clients wanted to shout publicly about what they do, many of them are very private about their activities (with the exception perhaps of Brian – who needed to shout about it to raise money!) but we cajoled them into it as we felt it was important to highlight the work they were doing, to hopefully provide some inspiration for anyone else that felt like they would like to explore the world of volunteering.

We hope the interviews show that there are a multitude of different activities that you can undertake, that ANYONE can do it, you don’t need to commit a large amount of time (unless you want to) and that it can have real benefits in terms of improving your mental and physical wellbeing, which can often extend to the wellbeing of your friends and families too. It also, of course, has a huge impact on the cause to which you give your time (or money).

We hope you find these interviews as inspiring as we did. They contain some wonderful stories and anecdotes. If you and/or your family get involved in volunteering (we’re sure there must be lots more of you out there) we would love to hear about it so please do get in touch!

Jan Berger

Jan Berger is a retired business owner with a penchant for the arts, music, theatre and a love (and a growing collection of) fine wine.  Jan discovered the joy of reading with children in some of his local schools ten years ago and shares with us why he enjoys it, why he feels it’s important to get involved and what benefits it brings to him and the children he reads with.

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Shelley Chapman

Shelley lives in Putney with her husband and has three “grown up” children. She’s always been an active volunteer in one capacity or another, and recently joined a charity providing help and support for the elderly. She tells us what she enjoys about the volunteering, the important benefits she feels that she, and others, get out of volunteering, and how you can get involved in the charity with even just a couple of hours a months.

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Brian Adcock

Brian is the Managing Director of Castle Triathlon Series.  Their charity partner is MacMillan Cancer Support and they raise tens of thousands of pounds a year from the triathletes taking part in their races undertaking their challenge for the charity.  In December last year Brian turned 50 and decided that he wanted to run a 50 mile ultramarathon in his 50th year with MacMillan as his chosen charity.  Brian talks to us about what drives him to undertake these challenges, how he gets his family involved and gives anyone who might be thinking about doing their first physical challenge for charity some tips on how to get started.

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Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor runs an education company and lives in Beaconsfield with his wife and three children. He shares with us how he came to volunteer at Beaconsfield Cricket Club, alongside his wife Michele, what they enjoy most about their volunteering and what opportunities there might be for anyone else looking to get involved with their local sports club.

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Maggie Liu Brown

Maggie Liu Brown is a film production lawyer who lives in Beaconsfield with her husband and two sons. During the early stages of the pandemic, she became involved with a local organisation offering support to those in need in the local community. In the process of helping others, she and her family found it gave them a much-needed boost and speaks about how it would be a great thing for anyone to get involved in.

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The shortened versions of these interviews were featured in our latest Carrington Club Magazine. If you’ve not yet seen a copy of The Club you can find one here.