GIA 2016 Finalist - Wealth Manager of the Year


We are still delighted by the news of our shortlisting for the 2016 Growth Investor Awards, but that has not been the only newsworthy occurrence to come out of the last six months, so we thought we’d fill you in…Firstly, and adding some stature to an already widely well-respected publication, Eric has been selected as an expert on the Wealth Manager panel for City Wire’s Investment Committee. Please click here to read his comments on portfolios post-Brexit in the most recent article.


The big event this year, which was not as markets expected, was the BREXIT vote. Whilst the result was unexpected, it did not require us to make any big changes around how we were positioned and because of the change in currency rates some funds have benefitted. It also means that our UK holdings will now have to focus more on foreign earnings.

The next big event which markets will start to focus on is the USA elections. Will we see Donald Trump as the next US president? We would rather not like to think about the odds, but all things are possible and we will keep a very close eye on the US market in the run up to and during the elections.

There has been quite a bit of press about property funds and the fact that a number of them have recently closed and devalued their assets overnight or have introduced exit charges, to make them illiquid. This might have concerned some of you, but you will be pleased to know that we currently do not own any property funds for the reason that they can be illiquid at times of stress.

For the time being, we remain in a world where interest rates will stay very low for a long time; except in the USA, where we may see a rate rise towards the year end.


As we head into the summer holidays and hopefully some downtime beside a pool, on a bike or up a mountain (whatever takes your fancy really), perhaps it’s a good time to reflect on what is important to you and your family. Focusing on and prioritising the meaningful things in your life – your goals and aspirations is the first step. Think as big as you like; give yourself permission to explore those wild, out-of-the-box ideas. How you then make these desires become a reality is where we step in. By analysing your situation and putting a financial plan in place will give you the confidence and freedom to live the life you dream of.

If you are not already making use of our financial planning service and would like to find out more about it, please get in touch. In the meantime, if you are looking for some light relief, Lee Eisenberg’s, The Number is an accessible read, offering personal thoughts on living a meaningful life and what you will need in retirement to achieve your goals.

The Number can be found on Amazon.


Mo cropWhen Mo took on the position of Head of Investment Research in October last year, he started working towards his Technical Analysis Diploma. The exam was sat in April and we are pleased to announce that he passed with flying colours! He is now working towards sitting his Investment Management Certificate (IMC) exam in August. Although we are very pleased for him, it is making understanding conversations between himself and Eric far more difficult to understand.

The rest of the team have not been resting on their laurels, however, and since joining the company late last year, both Ali and Cecily have been hard at work sitting their RO exams, with the ultimate goal of receiving their Diploma in Financial Planning. Alistair too is preparing to take a Financial Services exam in Trusts and Estate planning. All scheduled for the end of the summer, we hope they can pay as much attention to the books as they are to their tans.


This year it was a pleasure to welcome Ben Butler-Felton for a week. During his time with us, Ben attended a Quarterly Investment Committee meeting, joined Mo in a couple of Fund Manager meetings, assisted us with administration based tasks, general compliance and contributed towards marketing ideas. We thoroughly enjoyed having Ben in the office (he brought cake, and anyone who brings cake is destined to go far!!) and hope he enjoyed his time with us as much.


We wanted to make special mention of and wish a good friend, and long-time client of Carrington’s, Rebecca Morrison, the best of luck for her upcoming challenge. Rebecca is undertaking a 65km charity trek through the Alps of France, Italy and Switzerland in September to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust. Having been diagnosed with MS in 2011 at the age of 38, Rebecca’s is a very personal challenge and we are filled with admiration for her passion and drive to overcome the daily difficulties related to living with this disease.

Having raised £8,975 so far, Rebecca is not far off her already increased target of £10,000! An incredible fundraising achievement and an inspiring adventure to take on. Good luck!


Alistair has once again taken on the challenge of conquering the Alps. This year saw him and his crazy cycle buddies cycle from Geneva to Antibes via Mont Ventoux. Luckily for them, there was no impromptu running involved, a la Froome! We’re still not quite sure how or why he does it.

Top of Ventoux crop

Mike too has recently been bitten by the cycling bug and can be found most weekends, clad in lycra, eating up the miles. Whilst still coming to terms with his cleats, we’re quite sure he’ll be ready to tackle those mountains with Al next year…or is this sounding more and more like a company challenge coming on?

Nicola is currently in training to take on her first triathlon. The last in the Castle Triathlon Series run by client Brian Adcock, is to be held at Hever Castle in September. Having yet to put the three disciplines together, she is quietly confident…watch out Brownlee Brothers!

For those budding triathletes you can find more information on the Castle Triathlon series here.

This year also saw the formation of the Carrington Staff Committee. Nicola, Carolyn and Mo were selected to create a ‘rules to live by’ manifesto for the office, which covered everything from office etiquette and atmosphere to study leave and team building. From this, the social committee was born. Falling to a different member of staff each month, a company night out has to be planned, arranged and executed. Trying to think outside of the box, the idea is to get the team to socialise together, doing something more than just heading down to the pub. So far we’ve enjoyed an inspiring trip to the Rolling Stones: Exhibitionism, Pintxos and Aperol Spritz and a 4th July themed comedy club evening. It is Carolyn’s turn next, but no pressure!


As a gesture of goodwill, Alistair and I have decided to close the office an hour earlier for the month of August. This should allow everyone to take full advantage of the long summer evenings. The office will therefore be open Monday – Friday, 09h00 to 16h30 and until 16h00 on Friday’s. As always, clients and work deadlines will take precedence and the service you receive will not be affected.


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