Following the ongoing volatility in the markets, we would like to follow up on our note sent earlier this week. We understand that many of you may be feeling concerned with the news today of further falls and we want to continue to communicate with you about our thoughts on these.

The speed of the falls have been unprecedented and although this didn’t present us with an opportunity to reposition the portfolios, we don’t believe that repositioning would have been an effective long-term strategy even if time had allowed. We could, of course, sell positions during the falls but if the markets were to then recover, we would have realised a permanent loss for you which is a far worse outcome than not acting. We have discussed with each of you your long-term plans and what this means for your investments and so we must keep focused on the long term and not react in a short term manner to these movements.

Ultimately, we believe the markets will recover as they always have done. For those who are investing amounts every month you will make further gains as you will be buying at a discount now ready for the market recovery.

As always please be assured that many of our personal accounts are invested in our highest risk portfolios and so we are in these volatile times with you. Our efforts, as always, are concentrated on protecting your interests and your future plans, and with our futures firmly seated alongside yours we believe we are taking the best approach.

Being concerned about our current economic (and indeed general!) situation is natural, we are all only human. But we hope that this note has at least allayed some of your fears around the markets but as always, we are very happy to discuss this further with you if you feel you would like to. Please feel free to pick up the phone to talk to one of the team.

We hope that you and your families stay well in the near future – let’s all focus on a brighter future which is on the other side of this period of uncertainty.