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Do you remember the old fashioned insurance broker where you actually get to know the person at the end of the phone? Where the service is bespoke and not the outcome of a selection of tick boxes and buttons? I too had forgotten about this as well until recently.

My car and contents insurance were renewing in the next few months, I had received a note through from one of the insurance companies with whom I was covered, with their online renewal asking me to confirm I was ok with a slight increase in premium etc. In fact I couldn’t even properly remember who all my different insurances were with, and which company renewed when. I also wondered about my contents insurance…we moved last year and I was unsure if the security was good enough?

I decided I needed to talk to someone who actually understood how all this worked, and having spoken to a friend who had had a similar experience I called Keith Dowding at Christopher Trigg.

Christopher Trigg Insurance Brokers were founded in 1972 and are a small, dedicated professional team that specialise in both personal and commercial insurance. Keith went through my different insurance covers with me and asked a number of questions, such as, have you adjusted the level of cover for your wife’s engagement ring since you were married? Answer no. Did you know the price of diamonds has increased and that now you would not be able to buy the same ring for the price you paid in 2004? OK, I started to understand. Next question: if your house burned down, how much would it cost to replace everything, including curtains, carpets, clothes, furniture etc again, I totalled this up roughly and realised my existing cover would probably only cover the cost of new curtains and carpets! The penny began to drop; I needed to change my insurance cover.

To cut a long story short, I have now changed and updated all of my insurance policies, so that buildings, contents, and cars are all on the same policy and really helpfully, they renew on the same date each year. I now have peace of mind that I am adequately covered in case of an emergency or disaster and I even know who my insurer is! And if anything needs adjusting, I just call Trigg and they amend the policy for me and in the event of a claim they deal with this as well. I also know I am with an insurer that looks to pay the claim first and deal with questions later, the opposite of the commoditised internet based mass insurance companies.

If any of this rings a bell, Trigg have extended an offer to all Carrington clients to carry out a free, unconditional evaluation of your existing household insurance, just to check that the cover you have in place is appropriate and at a competitive rate. If it is not and you feel Trigg might be a good fit for you, then they will help you put a proper arrangement in place.

Below are some of the services offered by Trigg:

  • Bespoke policies tailored around our clients requirements;
  • Partners with all leading High Net Worth Insurance Providers;
  • Private client Insurance Portfolio including Home, Cars, Overseas Properties & Yachts;
  • Professional and Experienced Broker Advise at locations that suit you;
  • Market leading high levels of insurance cover;
  • Worldwide cover on all contents, personal possessions and jewellery;
  • Often warranty free policies.

For more information please have a look at Trigg’s website or contact us for their details.

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