The Carrington investment approach has been refined over many years by our dedicated in-house investment team. It is founded on five guiding principles:

  • PERSONAL CONFIDENCE. An experienced investment team, who invest their own money in our in-house portfolios.
  • LIQUIDITY. We only invest in daily traded funds, so we can sell your holdings quickly, should the need arise.
  • CLARITY. We only buy what we can see and understand, so we know what is in every investment we hold.
  • CONVICTION. We don’t buy investments just for the sake of diversification, we buy investments on the basis of what we feel will work for you.
  • ACTIVE MANAGEMENT. We believe that active management pays off, that’s why we actively make changes to your portfolio through time. We do not charge dealing fees.

The Carrington investment process comprises the following four steps:

1. ASSET ALLOCATION. Our starting point is to set out the Macro context and Risk preference. Consideration is given to many factors including the global business cycle, inflation, bond yields, Central Bank policy, fund flows and technical analysis. We are independent and not constrained in what we buy.

2. FUND SELECTION. Once the asset allocation is established, our investment team spend a large proportion of their time focussing on fund due diligence and selection. This is an ongoing process; changes to the Macro view will potentially create changes to the asset allocation and therefore fund selection.

3. DUE DILIGENCE. Regular meetings with Fund Managers enable the investment team to assess process, style and then undertake independent analysis of fund performance amongst peers and benchmarks.

4. ACTIVE MONITORING. We keep the funds under constant review to ensure there are no changes quarter on quarter that may suggest a fund switch needs to be made, including style drift, soft or hard closings, significant changes in assets under management and performance. This is undertaken either via face to face meetings or using online resources.

To find out more about our investment process or how we can help you to expertly manage your investment portfolio, please get in touch

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