At Carrington we provide a full wealth management service. This involves creating a bespoke financial plan, looking across all aspects of your affairs, as well as managing your investments on your behalf. Our end-to-end service is delivered from under the one roof, using an investment approach that unique to our business.

Why does that make us different?
A recent study by CEG Worldwide found that just 6.6% of financial advisers who call themselves wealth managers genuinely qualify against the criteria. In total, of the 2,094 advisers surveyed, 93.4% were found to operate a traditional generalist business model – despite the ‘wealth management’ title on their business card.

Our focus is on providing unbiased and professional advice, underpinned by a robust investment approach. We don’t believe in outsourcing. Instead we have appointed Eric Woodward, an experienced fund manager, to manage our client portfolios in-house. This ensures we have complete transparency on where your money is invested and can control risk exposure on your behalf.

Other key points of differentiation include:

  • We are a boutique size business and work with just a select number of private clients based in London and the South East;
  • We know where we add the most value and only work with clients who have more than £200k to invest;
  • We are fee based, so you can rest assured our advice is completely independent, unbiased and aligned to your needs;
  • We have believe in total transparency, so you always know how much you will pay and what you will receive in return; and
  • We invest our own money in our client portfolios, sitting closely alongside you through all market cycles.

To find out more about our business or investment approach, please get in touch.

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