Carrington Investment Approach

Like you, we’re different

At Carrington we provide a full wealth management service. This involves creating a bespoke financial plan, looking across all aspects of your affairs, as well as managing your investments on your behalf. Our end-to-end service is delivered…
Carrington Gold Holdings

Update on gold holdings

Below is an update on our Gold holdings in the Carrington portfolios. We have been very keen to hold gold in our portfolios and optimistic about the potential return they could provide. However, the holding has not served us as well as we would…

Investment strategy

Unlike other adviser and wealth management firms, Carrington do everything in-house. We have a dedicated Investment Director whose responsibility it is to construct client portfolios and provide in-house investment management on an ongoing basis. We…

Freedom to pursue your dreams

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Life can be quite hectic. With the pressures of work, raising a family and a busy social life you can often lose sight of your dreams. The treadmill continues on, with little time to pause, reflect, and consider what you really want from your…
What to do in Marylebone

Somewhere for a rainy day?

In the vicinity section of our website we will regularly post photographs and review of the wonderful places we have right on our office doorstep here at Carrington in Marylebone. So if you’re looking for somewhere to go on a rainy day, check…
Clarity, transparency, integrity

The Carrington approach

Everything we do here at Carrington adheres to our core beliefs: clarity, integrity and transparency. When it comes to looking after our clients' wealth, we act with the utmost care and provide a service that is genuinely aligned to their individual…

Retire early

Over the years, as you change jobs and transition through your different life stages, you are likely to accumulate numerous policies and provisions. Often they are held with multiple providers and it’s hard to know exactly what you’ve got…

A cohesive strategy for managing your wealth

As business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges of trying to ‘keep all the balls in the air’. While you ensure everything is taken care of in your business, your own personal finances are often neglected - simply due to a lack…